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Realistic Artificial Flowers

Dusky Pink Real Touch Bud - Realistic Artificial Flowers

Dusky Pink Real Touch Bud - Realistic Artificial Flowers

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Fake flowers, Artificial flowers, Realistic Artificial Dusky Pink Real Touch Bud—a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, handcrafted to perfection. Each delicate bud is intricately wired, offering effortless customization and shaping capabilities, empowering you to craft unique arrangements that seamlessly align with your personal style and preferences.

Real touch Dusky Pink Real Touch Bud emerges as a versatile and captivating decor piece, enhancing a spectrum of environments. Its soft and subtle pink hue adds a note of sophistication to office spaces, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility and creativity. At home, it becomes a visual delight, gracing living rooms, bedrooms, or serving as an elegant addition to dining table centerpieces. For weddings, these artificial buds are a standout choice, whether integrated into bridal bouquets or used to infuse floral arrangements with a delicate touch of dusky pink.

Artificial Dusky Pink Real Touch Buds serve as thoughtful gifts for special occasions. Symbolizing grace and enduring beauty, they make an ideal housewarming present. For birthdays, they offer a unique and lasting gift option, and on Mother's Day, they convey appreciation with the timeless allure of dusky pink roses.

Real Touch, Fresh Touch, Soft Touch, Silk flowers, Faux flowers, Artificial flowers "a rose by any other name" these are all simply stunning ways to describe Non-fresh flowers and slightly different techniques in creating each bloom or leaf.

Size: 5cm H x 4cm dia flower (approx); 50cm stem with leaves; 56cm overall in length.

TIP: As with fabrics, it’s always a good idea to test for colour transfer when mixing dark & light colours.


Our artificial flowers and plants are delicately crafted using either silk or real touch fabric, ensuring a realistic and lifelike appearance. These materials are chosen for their ability to replicate the texture and feel of real flowers and plants.

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Care Instructions

A light dusting is all that’s necessary but if you find heavy dust or marks, you can use a soft, damp cloth or wet one, lightly on the petals and leaves.

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Customer Reviews

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Isla Smith
A great way to add color to your home without the mess

I love the way these artificial flowers brighten up my home without the mess of real flowers. They're also very easy to care for, which is a plus. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful and long-lasting floral arrangement