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Realistic Artificial Flowers

Red & Pink Frangipani Bunch - Realistic Artificial Flowers

Red & Pink Frangipani Bunch - Realistic Artificial Flowers

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Blend these realistic frangipani flowers with fresh blooms, and you'll be amazed at how seamlessly they integrate. The careful design and craftsmanship ensure that they harmonize effortlessly, creating breathtaking arrangements that evoke the beauty of a tropical paradise. The vibrant hues of red and pink bring warmth and joy to any setting, making them perfect for weddings, parties, or everyday decor.

Australian Real Touch Red & Pink Frangipani (Plumeria), where nature's beauty meets impeccable craftsmanship. These exquisite artificial flowers boast a remarkably natural look and feel, making it challenging to distinguish them from fresh blooms.

Size: Flower – 8cm dia.; Stem 64cm o’all. Includes 7 blooms, 2 buds & 2 leaves per stem. Note: The diameter will vary on how you shape the flower.Realistic Artificial Flowers
Our stunning range of Artificial Flowers and Greenery are Ideal for Bridal Bouquets, Weddings, Florists, Events, Reception Decor, Cake Decorating, Flower Crowns, Corporate, Home & Office Decoration or Craft.

Also perfect for Florists, Home Decor and Retail Outlets, Funerals and Tourist Areas.

Real Touch, Fresh Touch, Soft Touch, Silk flowers, Faux flowers, Fake Flowers, Artificial flowers "a rose by any other name" these are all simply stunning ways to describe Non-fresh flowers and slightly different techniques in creating each bloom or leaf.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the most realistic products inspired by nature!


Our artificial flowers and plants are delicately crafted using either silk or real touch fabric, ensuring a realistic and lifelike appearance. These materials are chosen for their ability to replicate the texture and feel of real flowers and plants.

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Care Instructions

A light dusting is all that’s necessary but if you find heavy dust or marks, you can use a soft, damp cloth or wet one, lightly on the petals and leaves.

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